Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 60 (Last day of my internship)

25th June 2010, Friday.

Continue mapping the COBIT with ITIL V3 :) Told rizal that i couldn't map the rest CMMI and PMBOK. He said it's okay, just finish up the ITIL and email them back to him.

Transfered everything on ITSM to Kak Sha.

Filled up the clearance form and sent the Menara Perak tag and iPerintis Pass to HR.

At 430pm, CIG team members invited me to the Good Luck Farewell Party at training room. The party started of with an inspired speech and motivated advices from the Head of CIG, Puan Wan Norimah Megat Ahmad. Then, RIzal gave a speech too as my host supervisor. Lastly, they requested me to give a speech. So i thanked all of them for having me at CIG, guiding, teaching me and share lots of working life experiences with me. Really appreciate every single advices and attention given. I apologize if there are things that ive said or done that could have hurt anyone, i dont hv intention to do so. Next, Puan Wan Norimah gave me some special warm hearted gift and cards (wooo i love cards ;)) and we all had some makan-makan :)

I'm going to miss all of them!

Lots of love,

Day 59

24th June 2010, Thursday.

Continue Mapping the COBIT with ITIL v3.

Keep on mapping the process. Agak leceh because COBIT is a very large frameworks, it has a massive processes :( This will take a very long time. Not sure whether i can make it by tomorrow or not :(

As tomorrow will be our last day, me and Fadz curi keluar office around 1030am til 1100am to go to the PAvillion and bought some Jco DOnuts to thanks the CIG team members for having us this 3 months :) After lunch, around 4pm me and fadz surprized them with "thank you" cards and the fancy donuts. They love it! (who can say no to Jco donuts??)

Kak Sha and husband treats me dinner at FUllhouse :)

Day 58

23rd June 2010, Wednesday.

Meeting with Miss ROzanna Abd Talib, Network ENgineer, Network & Telecommunication, PSD.

Venue: Level 15
Time : 1045am

She explains on VLAN for level 13-17 Menara Perak.

Attend a Knowledge Sharing Session "High Performance Organization" with the rest of CIG team members.

Helping En. Lokman Muda, PMO-CIG with documenting and filing.

Mapping the COBIT ITIL V3 CMMI and PMBOK as requested by Rizal.

Day 57

22nd June 2010, Tuesday.

Preparing myself for "CEO Meeting with interns".

Venue: COnference ROom 1, Level 17, Menara Perak.
Time : 9.30am-1000am.

Attend the meeting. Unfortunately Mr. John Miller isn't around, he has requested the meeting to be postponed. However we have some discusion session with HR representative on hows our internship have been so far.

Create the iPPM Project Lifecycle and iP Build Delivery Process Slideshow in pptx.

Updating the above slideshow as requested by RIzal.

Day 56 (12th Week)

21st June 2010, Monday.

-> 20 mins informal meeting with En. Sham Rizal, Senior Technical Consultant, Network & Telecommunication, Project Service Delivery (PSD).

Venue: Level 15 Menara PErak.
Time : 1230pm.

He explains on OSI Layers and IP Adress management at iPErintis Menara Perak and given me a slide show showing all the related networking connections at Menara Perak.

Day 55

18th June 2010, Friday.

Sorting some ITSM files.

Helping Kak SHa with CIG-ITSM department matters.

Day 54

17th June 2010, Thursday.

It's my off day :) Celebrating my birthday with that someone special and beloved family.

Day 53

16th June 2010, Wednesday.

Continue with Networking research:
-IP Adress
-OSI Layer

Receive ITSM Tracking Name List from Ms. Suzilah Zulkeflee.

Day 52

15th June 2010, Tuesday.

Doing some research on:
- Network Plan
- Network Recovery Plan

Attending Fadz's Visiting LEcturer Session at Level 16 Training Room 11am-12pm.

Rizal explained on iPerintis Networking.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 51 (11th Week)

14th June 2010, Monday.

--> Setting up the training room:
Prepare the consultant (ENERGIZED) attendance
Prepare the participant's attendance
Check with admin on refreshment

--> Continue reading the process definition

--> Updating IT Blog :>

Cant wait for another 70 hours!! :)

Well, i have some time to spend on this blog, hence let me sum up all the things that have been going crazee this past 2 months :)

First and foremost, im glad that im in the 11th weeks of internship. It will going to end soon! Real soon! However, there are still some matters that i'm still worrying over and over. It's the opportunity to meet that iP Networking guy :( The opportunity im talking about looking kinda very thin, as they came up with some new procedures. Need to asked for permission from their head, etc. Sgt leceh. And im totally freak out on what do i write and attached in my presentation slides and report? Daym. I need to have some back up plan :>

About my personal life...well, nuthing much going on. Accept still keep on missing my dearly hummhumm, get to see him once a week is truly is a battle. Still not used of bein apart :( But well, ive passed my first cooking assignment; he said he had the best lasagna ever! <3 Well, actually i dont think making lasagna is called "cooking" its more to "baking". And everyone knows im good at baking, not cooking. Need to polish my cooking skills :( Next assignment might be...asam pedas or tomyam :> Whoa...agak2 boleh buat x?? Mia boleh :)

And about my trip to Bandung...im still not that excited :( My sis not going, il probably gona have trouble in the foods..and maybe shopping habits (wont bring lots of cash, due to bad financial management for the past three months, and need to saving up for sumthing else as well :( ) great, just great.

Well, that's it. My update up until today. Goin off to the pantry. My stomach singing already :p

Day 50

11th June 2010, Friday.

--> Find some material for industrial training report:
Company Profile
Six Sigma

--> Assist kak sha with refreshment matters for next week Process Definition Workshops.

Day 49

10th June 2010, Thursday.

--> Read through the Process Definition of Processes : Initiate Project, Manage Project and Close Project.

Day 48

9th June 2010, Wednesday.

--> Preparing questions for informal interview with iPerintis Network Engineer.

--> Continue doing some research on Networking:
LANs, WANs, MANs, Transport protocol (TCP and UDP), Computer Network.

--> Finalizesd the mapping for iP Build Delivery Process.

Day 47

8th June 2010, Tuesday.

--> Prepare some materials to bring to Tower 2 KLCC for Visiting Lecturer perusal.

--> Meet Ms. Hazlinda Hakimie, UNITEN senior lecturer for Industrial Training Lecturer Visit with host supervisor, Rizal.

Venue: iPerintis Corporate Office,
Level 23, Tower 2, KLCC.
Time: 9.30am to 10.30am.

--> Continue with mapping the activities with process flow for iP Build Delicery Process.

--> Cancelled refreshment for 9th june evening session and 10th june.

--> Sent out 14th june's refreshment form.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 46 (10th week)

7th June 2010, Monday.

--> Prepare refreshment matter for 9th June Process Definition Workshop

--> Follow up with Puan Tengku Jamilag and Suzilah on ITSM Certs.

--> Working on the iP Build Delivery Process; comparing the activities with process flow.

--> Do some research on Data Communication and Network; as my preparation to meet iP Network Engineer.

Day 45

4th June 2010, Friday.

- Re-calculate the SG + SP and Sp + GP in CMMI Ready Recknor v1.2

- Send the refreshment requisition form for 7th June Process Definition Workshops.

- Follow up with Tengku jamillah and Suxilah on ITSM Certs.

Day 44

3rd June 2010, Thursday.

- AL. Went to settle UNITEN fees, renew passport @ Putrajaya.

Day 43

2nd June 2010, Wednesday.

- Review and update total SG + GG and SP + GP for CMMI Level 4 and Level 5 Ready Recknor V1.2

- Continue with The Arbinger Courses Materials.

Day 42

1st June 2010, Tuesday.

- Continue with CMMI Ready Recknor v1.2

- Head of Corporate ICT Governance, Puan Wan Norimah asked me to help her with documenting The Arbinger Courses Materials in Power Point.

- Helping Fadz with his newsletter task.

Day 41 (9th Week)

31st May 2010, Monday.

- Follow Up the refreshment matters.

- Continue preparing the CMMI Ready Recknor v1.2

- Finalized all 12 Procedure Manuals.

Day 39

27th May 2010, Thursday.

- Assist Kak Sha with Refreshment Form for 1st-4th June CMMI events.

- Went through the guidelines and highlight all the wording, term or acronym that not being defined.

- Rizal requested me to help him with CMMI Ready Recknor v1.2.

Day 38

26th May 2010, Wednesday.

- Finalized all 12 Procedure Manuals before hand-in to Rizal.

- Rizal has requested me to make a reference on all the acronym used in 12 Procedure Manuals in "Procedure Manual Glossary"

Day 37

25th May 2010, Tuesday.

- Update the Process Document ML3 process Areas (3)
# The scope
# the glossary
# RACI Matrix
# References
# Footnotes, header, logo

- Do some filing and labelling 12 updated Procedure Manuals.

Day 36 (8th Week)

24th May 2010, Monday.

- Preparation the attendance form for SMT - SAM

- Update the Testing Procedure Manuals along with the rest ML2 Procedure Manuals (9)

Day 35

21st May 2010, Friday.

- Reviewing the graph on ISO 200000 Metric Report.

- Attending a Review Session on HPT presentation by Fadz.

- Settle the refreshment form for next week's training.

- Updated the CMMI Procedure Manuals on the scope, map the roles into RACI matrix.

- Hand in the CPAR form to En.Hambali Project Manager VPM Operation and Infrastructure Support.

Day 34

20th May 2010, Thursday.

- Testing Fadz'z product

- Helping Fadz with his HPT slideshow.

- Do some research on HPT.

- Helping Kak Sha make one copy of KPI Matters.

Day 33

19th May 2010, Wednesday.

- Preparing the feedback form for Subject Matter Training-Metric Management.

- Continue plotting the graph for 12 processes metrics in ISO 20000 metric report.

- Follow up with Ms. Fazi regarding Newbies attendance of ITSM briefing.

- Testing Fadz's product (MPP 2007)

- Updating my IT blog

Day 32

18th May 2010, Tuesday.

- Arranging the training room, print out the attendance sheets, print out the feedback forms.

- Meet Ms. Nor Hayati from Finance Department to hand her the invoice of certificates paper as required by Rizal.

- Follow up with Ms. Mira Badriah regarding the Corrective and Preventive Action Report (CPAR) form.

- Read the High Performance Team slideshow metarials.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 31 (7th Week)

17th May 2010, Monday.

- Meet En Sariji (iPerintis Despatch) to pass the ITSM certificates to Ms. Suzilah Zulkeflee, Admin Assistant at Level 14 Tower 1 KLCC.

- Plot the graph for all 12 processes metrics in ISO20000 Metrics Report - Oct' 09 till Mar'10 as requested by Kak Sha.

- Create a Word Document for CMMI-Dev ML2 Project MIlestone Tracking Plan v1.0 as requested by RIzal.

- Updated the MS Power Point of "Building High Performing Virtual Teams" as requested by Rizal.

- Follow up with Ms Sarizan Ridwan, Admin Asst. Level 17 regarding the ITSM Briefing for newbies/new hire.

- Sent refreshment requisition form for SMT on 18th and 19th May to Ms. Azrinna Khalid.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 30

14th May 2010, Friday.

0900: Follow-up with Ms. Suzilah Zulkeflee. Will be meeting her at 10am, Level 14 Tower 1 Petronas Twin Tower.

1100: Updating name list of ITSM Training FY0809 certificates.

1400: Post the certificates to Ms. Tengku Jamilah, Petronas Office Complex, Kerteh.

1500: Helping Kak Sha with refreshment requisition form for next week.

:)) TGIF!!! <3

Day 29

13th May 2010, Thursday.

0830: Arranging refreshment matters for today's training on : Subjet Matter Training for Verification and Validation.

1000: Updating certs name list to be post to Ms. Tengku Jamilah Tengku Mohd Zain, focal person at iPEC, Kerteh.

1400: Contact Ms. Suzilah Zulkeflee regarding the certificate distribution. (Admin Assistant, Tower 1, Level 14)

Day 28

12th May 2010, Wednesday.

0830: Updating the name list of ITSM Training participants attendance.

0900: Follow-Up with Ms. Mira Badriah regarding the CPAR.

1000: Preparing the training material of CMMI DEV: Subject Matter Training-Requirement Study & Definition, Configuration Management.


Day 27

11th May 2010, Tuesday.

0900: Get Ms. Mira Badriah Kamaruddin's signature (COSS consultant) for Corrective and Preventive Action Report (CPAR).

1000: Preparing the CMMI-DEV Project Plan for Project Work Through session, 330pm, Training Room Level 16.

1400: Documenting, filing and labelling the Corrective and Preventive Action Report (CPAR).


Day 26 (WEEK 6)

10th May 2010, Monday.

0900: Preparing the CMMI Project File - Visioning Project Management Process Area(s) : PP, PMC, SAM, RSKM, MA.

1100: Continue printing the ITSM Certs - SET1, SET2, SET3, SET4

1400: Preparing the Subject Matter Training for Project Management.


Day 25

07th May 2010, Friday.

0900: Cross-checked the participants of ITSM Trainings by date.

1100: Highlighted all the Specific Practices that carry rating 0 with no Action Plan or Work Product.

1500: Preparing the CMMI Project Files.

1600: Printed out the Process Area(s): REQM, VER, VAL (Engineering Process Area)

Day 24

06th May 2010, Thursday.

0900: Follow up the refreshment matters with Ms. Azrinna Khalid from Administraion Department, Level 17.

1000: Testing Fadz's product "Microsoft Project Professional 2007 Training Material".

1400: Updating the training certs.

Day 23

05th May 2010, Wednesday.

0900: Printed out all four Process Visioning Training Materials for Rizal to review.

1100: Helping Kak Sha updating the ITSM Service Imporvement Programme training certificates.

1400: Filing and documenting the CMMI Project Files for the participants.

:> I miss my hummhumm.

Day 22

04th May 2010, Tuesday.

I dont feel good in the morning. In fact, for the last two nights, my asthma attacked again :(

I cant really get out of bed at 6am. Mom suggested i go to the doc later in the evening.

So, i get a MC for today.

Day 21 (5th Week)

3rd May 2010, Monday.

0900: Finalized the typical work product for each process areas in Process Visioning Training Material presentations:

1. Process Management
2. Project Management
3. Support Group
4. Engineering Group

Yes, i'm finalizing these four slideshow the whole day. Haih.

Day 20

30th April 2010, Friday.

0900: Prepare the list of contacts for CMMI Pre-Assessment Against Maturity Level 3.

1100: Reminding all guest list/participants on the Final Finding Presentation meeting at 230pm-330pm, Board Room Level 18, Menara Perak.

1500: Updating the typical work product for each Process Ares(s) in Process Visioning training materials presentation.

Day 19

19th May 2010, Wednesday.

It has been a while since my last update. I gather all my strength to log in my blogspot, with my hummhumm's morale support. All of this delay postings is due to one bad incident in the very morning of 29th April 2010; on my way to work. I am still kinda traumatic and paranoid each time i'm in the train. I just can't spill it here because i don't want to recall the bad incident :(

However, i am updating my daily report in my Industrial Training Log Book. So, here are the summary of Day 19.

29th April 2010, Thursday.

Kak Sha is on leave today. So i have to take over some of her responsibilities in making sure the refreshment for the training is settle, the attendance list of participants is prepared, etc. in case Rizal need me to do anything.

Basically, i started my day at work with a cup of hot milo and i am ready to go :) Starting with checking and updating ITSM Training Certificates name list.

1100: Reviewing the last presentation slideshow on CMMI Process Visioning - 04 Engineering Group.

1500: Printed all four Process Visioning Slideshow for Rizal's reference.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 18

Wednesday, 28th April 2010.

Today surely i'll be sgt bosan; as my hummhumm isn't around to fb chat with. He has to go to UTMKL City Campus, Jalan Semarak for a seminar.

Today i am still working on correcting the presentation slideshows.

I'm helping fadz with his Microsoft Project Professional 2007 training outcomes.

Helping Kak Sha with filing and documenting IT Financial Management materials.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 17

Tuesday, 27th April 2010.

I'm fasting today. So gonna save up my energy for the whole day. And i'l make sure i go back home precisely at 5pm :>

So, my task today is just to update the CMMI Process Visioning Workshop Slideshow presentation 04 CMMI Dev - Engineering Group V1.0 based on the CMMI Distilled reference book :>

Yeay my hummhumm teman me fasting and wat keje today :>

Thank you hummhumm :> You're the best!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 16 (4th Week)

Monday, 26th April 2010.

Woke up very early in the morning, not as usual as i need to send my precious youngest sis to school before going to work. My parent were on outstation for few days, but they'll be back in KL later today :)

Reaching the lrt station, give my dearly mr. Superman a call. Feeling great hearing his voice over the phone. I must say, his voice sounds very comforting and it somehow really convince me (on the last night conversation) that whatever it is, we'll make it through everything together. If only i can tell the world who is it my mr. Superman is. (Well, superhero's identity must be kept very privately as possible huh? Except the Iron Man. Haih.)

Alright. Alright. Enough about my personal life. Talking about my internship now. Arrived as usual precisely at 8am. (Daym, i want to share the Mary Jane Pump story!!!!!! Alright, maybe later okay..Daym.) There was a potponed task that i need to do as a very first thing in the morning. I need to call Miss. Sim Eng, iP Financial Control Exec to remind her that i need the IT Financial Management File ASAP as required by Kak Sha. I sent her a reminder email and give her a call. She said she will come over to my place to hand me the file once she gets her team lead's signature. My first task is done. Now what? Asking Kak Sha and Rizal on what to do.

Rizal asks me to update the CMMI Training Material slideshow, and he wants it at the end of the day. Well, i know i'm capable enough to finish it by lunch hour, so i decided to keep it slow :) Hence, i email Mr. Someone Special... we replying emails quite a while and then he told me he can access the web messenger. Yeay! (Yup, i'm nearly jump around excitedly Ngee~)Without delaying any second, i sign into my web messenger too :-* How i miss him so much as he misses me (blushing :-o) We accompany each other for a while (It's unfair that he didn't have any particular task to do in the morning :( But well, it's cool. he can kill my boredoom :)

Next thing before lunch hour, Kak Sha asks me to get a ITSM Work Processes files (all 13 of them) to be converted as pdf files and to be sent via email to her and Rizal. At first i thought it will be an easy task. Because the machine is totally cool. It can do almost everything!! (Yup, jakun jap) All i need to do is, scan the files (each 100+ pages) in pdf format, and then send it from the machine to my email. Cool huh? Then from my email, i'll just need to rename the files accordingly and double check eveything before send it to Kak Sha and Rizal. Daym, it took me hours!! Precisely 4 hours!! to finish the job. Yes, again, i went home late.

Reached home at about 8 o'clock. (The driver was late :( )

Tired. Sleepy. Esok nk teman my teman lelaki puasa! :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 15

Updating the ITSM Training Cetificates.

Helping Rizal with CMMI Process Visioning Material - Process Management (presentation slide show. Explaining the OPF and OPD Process Focus.

Not feeling good. Headache and flu.

Planning a visit to Networking Department at Tower 2, Petronas Twin Tower. Need to prepare some letters and calling up some Network Engineers :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 14

Thursday, 22nd April 2010.

Woke up to a very sad sad morning :(( It is always, always been the second child syndrome at home. I bet it will last forever. Regardless that, i am me, always that loving daughter, caring sister, always am a good and concern friend, a truly heartfully sincere lover. And i'll always be. No matter what. My late grandmother always said "Biarlah orang buat jahat kat kite, kite jangan sesekali buat jahat kat orang". She's always right. Always. I adore her patient when handling me and my sis naughty-ness and stubborn-ness. And i believe i have that in me. The patient. And my someone dearly loved also said the same thing; i have that precious value in me. I just can't stop believe in that. Can't stop believe in myself. Let them be, if they don't love me. I love myself more. (And yes, i know he loves me dearly) That's matter the most.

Owh, talking about him, my jack, he's leaving Bangi for a site visit at Negeri Sembilan. And he got a chance to wear that CIDB course helmet!! Daym! (Bile la i nk pakai nih..membazir je..) Take care, hummhumm :) Will wait for your call :>

Work. Work and work. Later at 4pm, i'll be attending a Training for Microsoft Project Professional 2007 at Level 16, Menara Perak. In other words, i'm preparing myself for my FYP preparation :)

I can't go back late today! My aunt at Shah Alam is having a kenduri doa selamat for her flight to New Zealand (immigrates there) )

Now at 3pm, i'm still doing some editing and printing certifications for ITSM Trainings. Sangat bosan, okay..looking at those names that i don't even know who; not like i want to pun. Haih. Felt a bit lonely because he's not around. And all i get from him are reports via text. "Jauhnya perjalanan. Xsampai lg." (Yup, he sounded like orang tua kn) "Dah sampai n sgt busuk biomass plant ni." (Yup, i'm his doc, his gf, his supervisor, his everything~) :D Alright, the truth is, he knows i haven't got a chance to reload my prepaid, so he knows i can't reply his text, hence he sending me those "reports" :p **Baby, if you read this, hehe sorry mengomel sorg2, very sleepy!! Sgt miss you!**

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 13

Wednesday, 21st April 2010.

Finish with documenting "KPIs work process" Submit them to Kak Sha.

Assist Kak Sha with ITSM Training Certs, editing and printing.

Faced some problems with the access files (corrective action taken).

Working with iPerintis structure chart slides.

--Yes, im exhausted :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 12

Tuesday, 20th April 2010.

Yes, i'm ready for tonne of works today. As i was left with no work yesterday (Due to the multi-tasking work management that i practicing, i had finished all assignments and tasks ahead their due date. Haih) Well, my hummhumm said; it's actually a very good thing :) He's very supportive, isn't him??

But...at 10am...i'm done with my first task of the day - Comparing CMMI Overview Slide with ITSM:ISO 20K Overview Slide. Now, i'm more like a kiddo who wants more sweet candies (which in my case; work! work! work!) But all they said are "Later, mia" "Give me a sec, i'll come back to you?" And all i get is...NOTHING. Haih.

My hummhumm also nowhere to be found :(( Suddenly MIA. FB Chat really is ENVY him chatting with me. Daym!

At 1130am i was given a task on documenting some ITSM:ISO 20K work processes along with some filing work. That will be my task for the whole day today. Yeay! (Not as excited as it sounds tho :-| )

My hummhumm is not feeling well; headache. Probably he got a muscle fever. In a way, it affects his well-being and some how without us realizing it, it does affects our "long-distance" relationship as well. Daym. I felt sorry for us, it was my fault tho. Now i don't know what to do, how to feel, even what to say. Why are this happening. Why now? Felt like crying.

Owh well, now (1545pm) that i'm occupied with some tasks, all those crazy feelings fade away. (Alright, yes, after hearing his voice and listening to his songs, WT, i felt much better)

Feel like meeting him up after work. What say you?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 11 (3rd Week)

Monday, 19th April 2010.

The Week 3 of internship :)

It's a lovely Monday morning, what a very good morning to start a day. However, i don't feel motivated enough to pursue the whole day with a smile and determination. Don't know why. Maybe it's the monthly-you-know what. Or maybe it's the not-so-excellent previous semester exam result. Or maybe because i had already finished the ITSM Training Trackking tasks (last Friday) that were meant to be done by Tuesday; hence left me with workless (or should i say, null-work?) I'm not sure what it is that makes my day feel so hazey-lazy-mazy to the max!!

As i'm about to go and have a walk around the office (macam boss la pulak, hihi) someone i dearly miss (yea we just met two days ago, but still! i do!) fb chat me! :) I was delighted that he can actually access the fb (He informed me that PTHM HR people has forbid them the fb access the other day) There goes my Monday blues~ He took it just like that and i get my smile back :D

Alright, now that i'm motivated, very enthusiastically i email my supervisor, Rizal and co-supervisor, Kak Sha telling them i'm free for any task or assignments at the moment. Tell them i'll just sit around and read on CMMI; so just call me up if they need me :) They said, its alright, i can fully used my free time doin anything i want, because there will be a tonnes of work later (Aha, daym!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 10

Friday, 16th April 2010.

Dear Friday,

I'm thankful to God to be blessed with such supportive friends and hummhumm. Undergo internship period with unexpected environment really shocked me; not to mention the variety types of people i'm working with. It's a whole new things and i'm quite impressed with myself on how fast i adapted to my new surrounding. I do clique with my supervisor and having a good understanding with the rest CIG team. It's great to have such high motivated people around in this phase of learning and adapting. I'm in my 2nd week, but i have already look forward to the final week 12; i'm surely gona miss iPerintis.

(It's friday afternoon...what to expect? My lunch wasnt that great, so now here i am, mumbling in front of my pc. Haih. Hehe.)

Now, i have another good news to share! The "Understanding on Six Sigma" presentation went well! Got compliments from CIG team members :) The HOD went out early as she has important meeting to attend; really appreciate her time spent with us in the half of the presentation session. Really glad that CIG HOD, Puan Wan Norimah initiates this assignment to us, regardless how busy she is at the moment, she is such a great leader. She does not neglet the interns :) It shows that she cares and commit to us, as we all commit to the department :>

There's another two tasks that i need to tackle. One is helping the GPMO team, Yaz with his financial statistical databased (which the due is by 3pm!!) And Kak Sha's ITSM Trackking (Due on Tuesday :)

So i better speeding up! Its almost 2pm :) By 3pm i'll submit the assignment, rest&relax for a while, 330pm start the ITSM Trackking, 430-530pm Update the presentaion slide. 530pm....ring that someone and get ready :-o

:>> Can't wait to spend dinner time with my hummhumm!!!! :))

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 9

Thursday, 15th April 2010.

I smile like a sunshine to this very breezy morning :)

However, the smile is not as long as i want it to be. OMG!!! On my way to Menara Perak from KLCC tunnel, i just realized something! I'm losing some weight after 8 days of intern?! Daym!! No way! Daym! :((







Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 8

Wednesday, 14th April 2010.

Not having breakfast at the pantry as usual this week, as i'm so attached with tonnes of tasks!! Haih. But anyway, still have time to make some milo and nescafe once in an hour :) Just now i went to the pantry and there are a group of ladies executives from my department, having breakfast. While i'm making my drink, guess what they're having along with their breakfast?? A story on delivering babies!!! Ceaserians operation, normal delivering, emergency room, the husbands can't accompany them, hows the doc treated them, what happen when the babies got out, etc etc. Daym! It scares me!!!! WHoa..i'm so not ready for those. Thank god i said no when they invited me to join them brekfast just now. Haih.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 7

Tuesday, 13th April 2010.

Feeling quite nervous! The presentation slide should be done by today because tomorrow we need to present in front of our host supervisor, Rizal to get his feedback/comments on our presentation skills and contents before the real presentation day this coming Friday. I haven't got a chance to finish studying in depth on the Six Sigma, to be perfectly honest here. The reason why is that i have another tasks to be completed by tomorrow as well (Kak Sha suddenly bring the due date front ahead) But it's alright; i'l just need to manage my time well these day :)
And stay out from the "stress"! Hope my "mr. perfect distraction" drop me an email or two tp cheer me up (Well, i know he'll definitely text me during lunch hour tho)

Till then.. :> <3 <:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 6 (2nd Week)

Monday, 12th April 2010.

Preparing on "Understanding of Six Sigma" presentation. Outsourcing through some research on the internet, books and some journals. Host supervisor; Rizal give me a presentation material "HIGH IMPACT PRESENTATIONS, Participant Manual, by DALE CARNEGIE TRAINING" (which cost USD750 per person to attend the training). I salute iPerintis for their excellent effort in preparing their employees to be the best, well prepared, wide knowledge and exposure. I believe such investment is worth every penny iPerintis spent.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 5

Friday, 9th April 2010.

Yeay! I made it through the first week! (Very proud of myself!) Well, i had a some-kind-serious/formal-career conversation with Kak Sha, Kak Linda and Kak Fairuz during our double date lunch at PAVILION today. They been questioning me on why the admin of iPerintis assigned me at ITSM CIG department when my background is Electronic Communication Engin; i should have been assigned to assist iPerintis Network Engineer. Well, i told them that admin people explained to me that currently iPerintis is having an important project (CMMI DEV ML 2) that required interns at CIG department; hence they offered me to be based here. And yes, i don't really mind as i believe internship period is an opportunity for me to learn more. New knowledge on CMMI hopefully would help me to be a versatile fresh grad that knows such world recognition high level best practices in corporate world. I am truly believe that a versatile fresh grad with academically good result and wide exposury would sell off better in the market. It's soft skills and excellent attitude that they're looking after nowadays :)

0800: Continue on reading some more on CMMI.

0900: Update the ITSM Training Trackking.

1000: As per abpve.

1100: My hummhumm reminds me to take some time off from the pc. Went to the pantry, grabbed some marie cookies and milo :)

1200: Kak Sha, Kak Linda and Kak Khairuz asked me out for lunch at PAVI.


1400: Chit-chatting (Desperate Housewives gossipping) via LUNCH.

1500: Kak Sha asked me to call the Admin and ask for the tea lady to serve CIG department meeting later at 330pm. DOne.

1600: Rizal informed us (me and fadz) that Head of CIG; Puan Wan Norimah wants us both to join the meeting in one hour time. Daym, i'm so blooody nervous! What to prepare??? I have no idea what should i prepare. A speech, maybe? A list of what have i done so far? A .... what???!

1700: Went to the meeting room with a wide freaking faking smile. Hihi (my hummhumm surely knows which smile im talking about) They request me to do ice-break. And they asked me lots of questions. Really hard ones, i must say! But i was good at tackling those tho. Cos i did get compliments from Puan Wan :)

1845: Home.

Day 4

Thursday, 8th April 2010.

**Just to announce and share some happyness here :) Today is a very very very special day for me and for that someone special :> wink*wink

0800: On time as usual :)

0900: Review the ITSM Overview Training Material. Rizal asked me to find the items that iPerintis do not have as per the CMMI Overview Training Material.

1000: Still keeping it up.

1100: Updating the ITSM Trackker (To be completed in one week)

1200: Keep on updating.

1300: Lunch

1400: Solat and continue updating the trackker.

1500: Filing and documenting some documents

1600: COntinue reviewing the training material

1700: :) Cant wait to meet my hummhumm


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3

Wednesday, 7th April 2010.

0800: A lil bit late today, but still make it in time! Yeay me! Went to the pantry, had my meehoon goreng :)

0900: Had a discussion with my host supervisor; En. Rizal on CMMI Maturity Level vs. Capability Level. Now i really can identify the pros and cons on those two. Continue studying the subject.

1000: Had to do some office-related work; Design a attendence sheet for the CMMI Vendors (ENERGIZED), do some photocopying and printing (The machine is so complicated but sgt canggih! Felt good once i know how to use it :)

1100: Continue studying and so some research over the internet on ISO 20000 and CMMI DEV ML 2. (Lapar!! Went to the pantry to grab some Biskut Marie :)

1200: Helping my co-host supervisor; Ms. Sha with filing the Audit Report. Never realized the A4s are so sharp! Cut my fingers here and there :( Luckily i brought handplast with me all the time!

1300: Ms. Sha and Mr. Rizal are busy preparing the CMMI-Dev Maturity Level 2 Kick Off presentation slides and some post-meeting materials. As usual i brought some mummy's cooking (Sweet sour fish and tomatoes) and had lunch with Ms. Sha at the pantry :)

1400: Was assigned to help Ms. Sha prepare the meeting material. It's only 15 minutes to the important agenda!! CMMI Dev ML 2 Kick Off is about to begin!! I felt kinda nervous :) The ENERGIZED consulting firm team are here too. I can't wait to join the meeting.

1500: Can feel my hands shaking while distributing the meeting materials to the HOD (Project Director), Project Champion, and some other important person (Just to named a few) Well, felt like a secretary pun ada. Haih. (Will explain more on the meeting flow at the end of this post)

1600: 430pm i'm back at my desk along with Fadz. He was assigned to be a photographer for the meeting :) I'm very sleepy at this very moment to be frank. Well, guess i shall get some rest (That's why i have time to update my blog :)

1700: Ms. Sha and Mr. Rizal came back from post-meeting with Mr. Hafiz and Mr. Falco Lee from ENERGIZED. Ms. Sha brief me on a task she wanted me to do tomorrow. Its a ITSM Tracker. While Mr. RIzal assigned me to do some camparison on ISO 20000 and CMMI overview.

1800: Home by 630pm.

**Briefly on CIMM DEV Maturity Level 2 Kick Off.

Board Room Level 18, Menara Perak, Kuala Lumpur – CMMI-DEV v1.2 ML2 Project was officially kicked off on the 7th of April, 2009.

Among those present to witness the momentous occasion were the Project Champion, Mr. David Vannut, Project Director, Pn. Wan Norimah Megat Ahmad, General Manager of Corporate Services, Ms. Chee Soo Yuen, Head of Departments, Project Managers, Team Leaders and representatives from Consulting Firm, Energized Corporate Consultant Inc. Sdn. Bhd.

The event was started off with Keynote Speeches by Pn. Wan Norimah Megat Ahmad, Project Director, followed by Mr. David Vannut, Project Champion. In their speeches they pointed out the importance ………. within iPerintis to meet the long term business objectives of the organization. Finally, the Project Director and Project Champion acknowledged that strong support from all parties and understanding of each others’ roles are the key to the CMMI-DEV v1.2 ML2 Project success.

Following the Keynote Speeches, the audience was then presented with a Project Briefing by Project Manager, Mohd Shahrizal Md. Nawawi and Program Overview by Lead Consultant, Muhammad Hafiz Ibrahim from Energized Corporate Consultant Inc. Sdn. Bhd.

The event ended with light refreshments.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 2

Tuesday, 6th April 2010.

0800: I'm early as usual, so went to the pantry and made some NESCAFE (Mulakan hidup anda dengan NESCAFE - Maya Karin's Advertisement playing in my head all morning). Opened up the CMMI text book; and read. Happy reading :D

0900: Skipped some chapters :p Straight to the chapter where CMMI is all about :) (This is called a smart-reader)

1000: My stomach sing-a-song :( Went to the pantry and came back to the desk with hot MILO :) Continue reading/studying. Made some short notes/sketching on CMMI Concept (Chapter 4) and CMMI Content (Chapter 5).

1200: Kak Ros; (my collegue who just got back from PARIS) gave me some sweet pastry treat (Eclairs Creampuff) all the way from PARIS. They were good!! (Daym, now i missed baking!!!!)

1300: Lunch hour. Brought dearest mummy's homemade fish curry and had lunch at the pantry while listening to Dear God by A7X (Yes, i miss him dearly). Done with lunch, hit the surau :)

1400: Smiling big in front of CMMI text book. And continue reading/studying.

1500: Encik Azam from technical came, gave me a new set of DELL pc and configured the systems and etc. I had been given a formal working email; i.amirah.hisam@iperintis.com :) Do not want to waste any time, i went to help my co-intern partner; Fadz with him filing thingy.

1600: Continue with CMMI Representation (Chapter 6) and had some discussion with Fadz on CMMI overview. My host supervisor; En. Rizal and his team-mate; Ms. Sha went to see the Head of CIG Department; Ma'am Wan.

1700: Didn't really realized it's time to go back, we're still discussing on CMMI while waiting for our supervisors came back from the meeting. Thought they might have some tasks they want us to do. However, they just informed us that tomorrow we will join them for the CMMI Developement Maturity Level 2 meeting that will be held at 230pm, Board Romm, Level 17 Menara Perak.

1800: Went home.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Internship In April : Day 1

Monday, 5th April 2010.

0800: Arrived at Menara Perak, KL. Met two other UNITEN's IT students; Aaron and Fadz. Ice break among each other :)

0830: Was called for briefing in a meeting room. Filled some finance form and access cards application. Briefing by Ms Aina Abdullah from Training & Development on company corporate overviews; and Ms. Zatil from Administration & Corporate Communication on mostly admin matter that we need to deal with during our 3 months internship.

1230: We are allowed to go out for lunch earlier today :)

1330: Rest at surau and perform Zuhur prayer.

1400: Ms. Fazi from HR lead us to meet all other staff, introduced to most of departments and sent each one of us to our designated department. Me and Fadz are assigned to Corporate ICT Governance (CIG), located at Level 16.

1500: Met our kind and friendly host supervisor Mr. Shahrizal (I'm not sure if the spelling is correct tho, excuse me) and his lovely teammate, Ms. Shahila. They explain the basic matter on CIG that we need to know.

1600: Mr. Shahrizal assigned each of us to read and study on CMMI. I was given a reference book on CMMI Distilled : A practical introduction to Integrated Process Improvement. (To be freaking honest, i'm clueless!!)

1700: Ms. Sha asked us to go back. She said, "Today your first day, grab this chance to go back early, because starting tomorrow, do not dream to even look at the watch at this very hour. You guys will only going back home same with the rest of us at 8 pm" And she winked. (I was like "WHOAAA!!")

1800: Alfredo found me dead on my bed.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Dear Enticing April

Currently enjoying my so-called-five-days of holiday at home sweet home. After a long period of considering and thinking before deciding on which company that i will do my internship with, i really need a break. Can't help it that at the end, my mom was the one who made the decision for me :(

Offers that i got and some of my mom's advices:

1. Telekom Malaysia - Multimedia University lect assist (No comment)
2. Nuclear Malaysia Agency - Research department (Nuclear will harm you in long-term period)
3. Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM) - Research department (No transportation)
4. iPerintis Sdn. Bhd. - Networking (Putra LRT, near to home)
5. Petronas Cari Gali - Quality and Reliability Engineer assistant (KK) (No one is looking after me at Sabah, living cost, food, offshore work, etc.)

Obviously, on Monday, i will start my internship with iPerintis Sdn. Bhd. Located at Menara Perak, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur. This very dearie blog will be my everyday journal during my internship period from 5th April 2010 to 25th June 2010. I hope this will be fun and enticing experience ever.